With the need to create professional graphics for banners, flyers and other marketing materials, it is important to have access to robust graphic design software. BeLight’s Art Text provides Mac users with powerful vector-graphic editing tools on an easy-to-use platform. This article will provide a detailed overview of this software along with our takeaways from using it as professionals in the field.

The primary features of BeLight’s Art Text include advanced text styling and formatting options, unique layer effects such as shadows, gradients and glows, support for various file types including SVG and PDF documents, preloaded templates ranging from logos and business cards to posters and web menus, 3D modeling capabilities and more.

In addition to the basic functionalities that come with this software package, there are also several tutorials available online which can help guide users through their projects step by step.

In this article we will explore how BeLight’s Art Text has been used by us professionally in order to assess its usability for creating high quality designs quickly and efficiently. We will discuss all aspects of using this software; from installation process to working with layers and saving files in different formats.

Finally we will summarize our overall impressions about this product so readers can make an informed decision when considering whether or not it is suitable for their own needs.


Overview Of Belight’s Art Text

BeLight’s Art Text is a professional graphic design software for Mac users. It features a wide variety of tools and options to create logos, icons, web graphics and more with the help of typography, vector shapes, effects, textures, masks and other elements. The user interface is easy to use and intuitive in order to provide an efficient workflow regardless of experience level.

Art Text offers an extensive library of templates that can be quickly customized with different colors and fonts. Additionally, users can easily import their own images or illustrations into projects. This allows them access to millions of royalty-free photos from websites such as Pixabay or Unsplash.

Furthermore, it enables them to export designs in various formats compatible with Photoshop or Illustrator. Ultimately, BeLight’s Art Text provides powerful solutions for creating captivating visuals quickly and efficiently.


Features And Benefits

BeLight’s Art Text is a professional graphic design software developed specifically for Mac users. It provides comprehensive tools and features to create stunning logos, text effects, badges and flyers with ease. With its intuitive user interface and powerful editing capabilities, it makes designing truly captivating visuals simple.

The program includes over 500 templates that provide instant inspiration to help designers get started on their projects. From stylish backgrounds to unique fonts and shapes, there are plenty of options available in the library.

Additionally, BeLight’s Art Text allows users to customize their designs with rich color palettes or add effects like shadows and 3D styles. Moreover, they can easily export files as PNGs or JPGs for web use or print ready PDFs for high-resolution printing jobs.

The combination of creative possibilities plus advanced customization abilities make this tool an ideal choice for professionals looking to craft beautiful graphics quickly without sacrificing quality.


User Interface And Functionality

Art Text is a professional graphic design software for Mac users that offers an intuitive user interface and comprehensive functionality. Its main menu bar allows the user to quickly access its various features, such as text formatting, vector drawing tools, customizable shapes, brushes and textures.

In addition, it includes smart symbols which are fully-editable graphics used for logos or branding elements. The top toolbar contains easy navigation options to move between different documents or views of the same document.

Also included in Art Text are color adjustment palette and image effects. Color adjustments can be applied to any object on a page while image effects allow the user to enhance their images by adding shadows, reflections, glows, blurs, etc.

It also provides powerful drag-and-drop capabilities allowing objects to be moved easily from one place to another within a project. Furthermore, it supports multiple layers so that each element can be altered independently without affecting other content on the page.


Comparison To Other Graphic Design Software

Art Text is a professional graphic design software specifically for Mac users. As such, it can be difficult to compare the features and benefits offered by Art Text compared to other popular graphic design programs on the market that are used among both PCs and Macs alike. However, there are some notable differences between Art Text and other comparable applications.

First, unlike most of its competitors, Art Text does not require any knowledge or experience in coding or programming languages. This makes it ideal for users who may lack technical proficiency but still want access to powerful editing tools without having to learn complicated commands.

Additionally, while many of these other applications have limited options when it comes to manipulation of text elements such as fonts and sizes, Art Text offers more flexibility with this process. Users will find they can easily scale text objects, resize them according to specific parameters, and make adjustments like rotating individual letters at an angle within their designs.

Furthermore, one feature that sets Art Text apart from similar programs is the ability to create 3D graphics quickly and efficiently with simple drag-and-drop techniques; this enables users to add realistic depth and perspective effects into their art pieces with minimal effort.

Overall, while many competing products offer basic graphic design capabilities, what distinguishes Art Text from them is its streamlined user interface combined with unique features geared towards creating advanced yet easy-to-understand artwork for experienced designers as well as those just starting out in the world of digital artistry.


Pros And Cons

Belight’s Art Text is a professional graphic design software for Mac users. It offers a wide range of features, allowing users to create high quality graphics, logos and text artwork quickly and easily. The program allows for the creation of 3D designs using textures, gradients and shadows. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the process of creating custom art with layers, masks and effects. However, there are some drawbacks to consider when using this software.

One potential issue with Belight’s Art Text is that it requires an Apple device running macOS 10.14 or later in order to run properly. This may be problematic if you do not own such a device or have yet to upgrade your operating system.

Additionally, while the program includes many powerful tools for creating artwork, it lacks support for vector graphics which may limit its capabilities compared to other design solutions available on the market today.


Final Thoughts

Overall, Belight’s Art Text provides a comprehensive suite of tools for Mac users looking to create professional graphic designs. It offers a broad range of pre-made templates and styles, as well as the ability to customize just about any element of these design projects. With its user-friendly interface and straightforward navigation system, it is easy to quickly become familiar with all the features available in this software package.

Additionally, the vast array of tutorials provided by Belight make learning how to use their product both enjoyable and efficient.

The primary drawbacks associated with using Art Text are its cost and limited compatibility outside the Apple ecosystem. Although there is a free version available for download, many of the more advanced features require an upgrade fee or subscription plan.

Also, due to its reliance on OS X technologies such as Core Image Filters and Quick Look integration, some capabilities may not be available when running Windows or Linux systems. Despite these shortcomings, Art Text still offers one of the most accessible and powerful graphic design packages out there for Mac users today.



BeLight’s Art Text is a powerful, professional graphic design software designed for Mac users. It offers a wealth of features and tools that allow users to create visually stunning artwork with ease. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use, making it accessible even for those new to the world of graphic design. Furthermore, its competitive pricing makes it an attractive option compared to other similar software packages.

It is clear that BeLight’s Art Text has many advantages over some of the more established programs on the market today. Not only does it provide access to high-quality graphics creation tools at an affordable price point, but also allows users to quickly get up and running without having any prior knowledge or experience in this field. Additionally, its compatibility with popular image formats ensures that images created using Art Text can be shared easily across multiple platforms.

Overall, BeLight’s Art Text provides a great way for Mac users who are just getting started in the world of graphic design to produce beautiful artwork without breaking the bank or spending too much time learning how to use complicated software packages. Its simple yet effective user interface combined with an array of useful features make it a great choice for creating attractive visuals quickly and easily.