For nearly two decades, has been helping Canadian businesses create, protect and promote their online presence. As Canada’s original domain name registrar and web hosting provider, the company offers a wide range of services to meet any business’s needs. Through its innovative solutions and superior customer service, has become one of the most trusted brands in the industry for its reliable products and commitment to quality performance. is renowned for providing top-tier domain registration and hosting services to its clients at competitive prices that fit any budget. It also offers other essential features such as website security, email accounts, SSL certificates and more – all included with every account. The company is dedicated to offering exceptional customer service through 24/7 live support via phone or chat so customers always have access to help when needed.

By staying ahead of modern trends in technology and cyber security, continues to be an invaluable asset for many businesses in Canada by helping them build strong digital foundations since 2000. In this article we will explore how Webnames provides comprehensive solutions tailored specifically to small-and medium-sized companies looking to establish an effective online presence while ensuring maximum reliability, performance and protection from threats like malware attacks or data breaches.


Overview Of Webnames.Ca is a Canadian company that has been providing domain name registration, web hosting and website design services since 2000. It was the first accredited registrar of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), which administers the .ca domain. offers full service solutions for businesses who wish to create, protect, and promote their online presence in Canada.

The company provides comprehensive advice on selecting an appropriate domain name as well as assistance with registering it with CIRA and setting up websites using specialized software tools such as WordPress or Joomla!. In addition, customers have access to a variety of other services including email hosting, SSL certificates, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising campaigns and more.

All products are backed by 24/7 customer support from experienced professionals. The team at ensures its clients’ domains remain safe and secure over time through automated renewal notifications and proactive monitoring of potentially malicious activities. also works closely with organizations like Startup Canada to provide resources for entrepreneurs looking to get started online quickly and efficiently while keeping their costs low. Through these partnerships, aims to be the go-to resource for all Canadians’ digital needs so they can focus on building successful business ventures without worrying about technical issues related to their online presence.


Benefits For Canadian Businesses provides Canadian businesses with a wealth of benefits that enable them to create, protect, and promote their online presence in a secure and reliable manner.  These advantages include:


  • Domain Name Registration – offers domain registration services within all top-level domains (TLDs) such as .CA, .COM, .NET, .ORG, and many more.
  • Website Hosting – also supplies website hosting solutions with features including unlimited disk space/email accounts, free SSL certificates for security purposes, and 24/7 technical support.


  • Cybersecurity Solutions – Customers can obtain antivirus protection packages to safeguard against malicious attacks on their websites or networks; they may also purchase spoofing detection tools which guard against phishing emails sent out by hackers.
  • DNS Services – Clients can opt for an array of DNS options provided by tailored to fit the needs of any business size or complexity; these services ensure optimal performance and reliability while providing access control capabilities for increased safety measures.

The company’s suite of products ensures customers receive comprehensive coverage when it comes to safeguarding their digital assets from exploitation or manipulation as well as managing their web operations efficiently and effectively. By utilizing the available offerings from, Canadian businesses are able to confidently establish and maintain their online presence without fear of intrusion or disruption caused by cyber threats.


Services Offered has been providing online services to Canadian businesses for almost two decades. The company offers a wide range of services, designed to help companies create, protect and promote their online presence. These include:

Service  Description
 Domain Name Registration/Renewal Register or renew a domain name with one of 750+ TLDs (top-level domains). Includes WHOIS privacy protection and DNS management tools.
Hosting Services Get reliable hosting plans for your website or application, backed by industry-leading customer service support.

Plans available from shared hosting to cloud servers and dedicated servers.

SSL Certificates  Secure data transmissions between web browsers and websites with 256-bit encryption certificates issued by trusted Certificate Authorities.

Options include single, wildcard, and multi-domain certificates.


The team at Webnames also provides expert consulting on IT projects such as cybersecurity audits, domain transfers and email migrations , as well as custom solutions according to the client’s individual needs. Additionally, they offer ongoing monitoring services that keep track of any malicious activity targeting registered domains, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week .

In addition to these services, Webnames is committed to helping customers achieve success in the digital world through educational resources like blog posts, tutorials and whitepapers that provide valuable insights into important topics such as SEO best practices , domain name selection strategies and more . With this comprehensive suite of products and services , Webnames continues its commitment to supporting Canadian businesses in their pursuit of creating an effective online presence .


Client Success Stories has been helping Canadian businesses create, protect, and promote their online presence for nearly two decades. Numerous clients have benefited from the company’s services with remarkable success stories over the years.

One such example is an Alberta-based food manufacturer that was looking to increase sales revenues by expanding its online presence in 2020. Thanks to Webnames’ expertise in domain name registration and website hosting, they were able to establish a new ecommerce store quickly and efficiently while also protecting their brand identity through trademarking services. Within six months of launching, their sales had doubled due to increased web traffic driven by effective SEO strategies implemented by Webnames’ team of marketing professionals.

The evidence speaks for itself – when it comes to creating, protecting, and promoting an online presence, companies can rely on Webnames’ experience and expertise for successful outcomes every time.


Online Presence Security Solutions

As businesses continue to increase their presence in the digital realm, it is essential that they protect and secure their data. offers a variety of services designed to do just that. Their IT security solutions are tailored for both small business owners looking for basic protection as well as large enterprises requiring more complex solutions. provides malware detection and removal, vulnerability assessment and patching, intrusion prevention systems, firewalls, web application firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs), encryption technologies, two-factor authentication protocols, and identity management measures.

They also offer continuous monitoring and system auditing so any suspicious activity can be detected quickly and addressed efficiently. With these comprehensive online presence security solutions from, businesses are ensured reliable protection against malicious threats while maintaining full control over their online assets.


Industry Recognition is a trusted name among industry insiders in the Canadian tech sector and beyond. The company has earned recognition from organizations such as:

National Associations:

  • Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)
  • Canadian Network Operators Consortium (CNOC)
  • International Organizations:
  • Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN)
  • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

These accolades demonstrate’s commitment to providing reliable services, protecting customers’ online presence, and promoting their businesses within an ever-changing cyberspace. This recognition also validates our standing as one of Canada’s most respected providers of domain registration, hosting, and related services since 2000.



By providing cutting-edge technology solutions combined with reliable customer service and industry recognition, continues to be a trusted partner of many Canadian businesses while enabling them to maximize the potential of the internet for growth and development opportunities. With twenty years of experience under its belt, is poised to continue supporting Canadian entrepreneurs as they explore new ways of engaging customers digitally in the future.