Weebly has one of the best reputations out of all the web hosts available, but that doesn’t mean it is without issues. For example, migrating platforms on Weebly is notoriously hard to do. Also, their customer support and effectiveness in dealing with technical issues could definitely be improved. Here’s a useful review from a customer who details their problems with Weebly hosting:

“Weebly is easy to use, and hands down the best online web design application available (when it is working). However, with that said, Weebly technical support is pointless, and customer support communication is ridiculous. I am writing this review after the release of Weebly Carbon. The Weebly editor has now been unusable for 17 days. Weebly’s Facebook wall is flooded with complaints. The communication from Weebly for the first week of the issue was extremely unhelpful, ‘clear your cache’ ‘change browsers,’ when it was a system wide problem that was being reported across the web.” —Genie Skinner

For more information on Weebly, check out the videos below: