Despite their great reputation, there are a few things to be aware of before deciding to use Wix as your web host. First of all, while their Free plan certainly sounds appealing, the tradeoff is that your site will display Wix ads. The same is true for their $5.00/month Connect Domain plan. However, the rest of the plans are ad-free.

Another complaint is that their long-term pricing plans are a tad more expensive then some of their competitors, such as Weebly and Squarespace, therefore making them a less desirable option if you plan on using them for more than a few months. Also, Wix has many built-in tools, which is great, but if you wish to add anything new, it can be a longer process than other hosts. Therefore, there are some technical limitations to be considered if you’re looking to get creative with your websites.

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Aside from the potential issues mentioned above, some have complained about slow page-loading speeds, which can really be detrimental to the growth of a website. Others have had difficulty with the customer support, with some claiming that they are unresponsive or untimely in their responses. However, on the whole, Wix is well-reviewed.

For more information on Wix hosting, check out the videos below: