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Are you a new WordPress blogger searching for the best hosting services for your blog? Having the right web hosting for your blog will boost your sales and generally improve the ranking of your blog with the search engines. There are many types of hosting available for WordPress which makes selecting the best difficult. This article will provide all the information that will guide you in choosing the best web host for your Word press blog that you need to know.

How to choose the best web hosting for your WordPress blog

There are so many web hosting companies that offer hosting services for word press, and this makes choosing the best web host a daunting task. It will surprise you to know that WordPress is actually light and can be compatible with most web hosting companies.

The basic requirements of a WordPress hosting provider are; PHP5.7 version or higher, and MySQL version 5.6 or greater. There are various things that you must consider before purchasing a web host for your WordPress small business as discussed below:

Evaluate the hosting needs of your WordPress

There are various hosting options that are available to WordPress users which include; Free, VPS, dedicated, VPS, and managed. To determine which one is the best among them, we need to understand them first as illustrated below;

Free hosting for Word Press

There are various free web hosts online, but the majority of them have some hidden code or advertising. This occurs when a person decides to sell some of his space to cover some costs. The major problem of having them is that they are unreliable. They do not offer clear information when the free hosting will be over. If you are serious about your small business WordPress blog, then you should avoid free web hosts at all costs.

Shared Hosting for WordPress

This is the most common web hosting service for WordPress beginners. It is affordable and ideal for WordPress beginners. The downside with this kind of hosting is the clause that states that you have limited resources. This is because the host places restricts the usage of your site to accommodate everyone on the server.

Dedicated hosting for WordPress

This is the kind of web host that allows you to have all the control of the server. This web host is the best for a WordPress blog as it can cope with the high traffic from your WordPress blog.

Managed hosting for WordPress

This is a web hosting service that specifically deals with WordPress sites. If you have a blog with heavy traffic or you are running an eCommerce site then a managed solution may be better suited to your needs.