Getting coupons for reliable and effective WordPress hosting can be a pain, especially for non profit organizations and 501c3 corporations. Saving money when you are saving lives or saving the planet is a must when you run an organization that can only survive on thrift. We have scoured the web for the best discounts that can sometimes only be available for the non-profit sector. One of our highest recommended WordPress hosting can only come from WP-Engine.

We have linked to the discount here. They offer 3 months free annual coupon and also 10% off. This is one of the best deals that we have ever seen out there. Because of the great reliability of the hosting platform, this is what we are able to recommend to our readers. Running your organization on a reliable host will take care of many problems. If you have any questions on how to get other deals for this host or know of other deals, let us know so that we can update our readers.

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