Although WP Engine is praised for their great uptime and helpful customer service. However, there are some things to be aware of before choosing WP Engine as your web host. First of all, it’s quite expensive when compared to other hosts. Their cheapest plan costs $29.00/month, and the other plans cost about $100.00/month or more. Also, their┬áPersonal┬áplan doesn’t come with phone support.

Another potential issue is that they don’t offer Windows-based servers. WP Engine also has a few reviews where people complain about many common hosting issues. Here’s an example of a particularly negative review:

“Why does WPEngine suck?

1 – the migration process is designed to be as easy as possible; which it sort of was. The WHOLE process however; that of ensuring DNS info is updated is a night are. No support provided at all by WPEngine yet this is the most important aspect.
2. – Due to DNS errors not found at the time, my site has had more downs than a call girls knickers.
3 – The tech support provided WPEngine is, well crap. Some of the people know their stuff – but can’t explain it in easy to understand words / process.
4 – My email has been up and down loads as various different tech support staff ask me to change an A record, despite this not being the issues. It was as if they were ‘just change stuff till it works’ approach.
5 – The time to resolve issues is the worst. My website was down (403 Forbidden) for 12 hours. As soon as I mentioned taking legal action the tech support person cut the chat off and closed it. Another sent a partial transcript. ‘Management’ never got back to me. Money back guarantee? Don’t think so.
6. Email support has taken over 11 hours to get a resolution – and that was with me sending several reminders.

I have call transcripts as well as screen shots to document this pathetic companies attempt to fix my issues.

All in all I would never recommend WPEngine again to anyone unless they are a competitor of mine ;-)” — Andrew Miller

Every web host has it’s issues, it comes with the territory. All you can do is research and compare web hosts in order to choose the one that’s right for you. As a whole, WP Engine receives generally positive reviews. For more information on WP Engine hosting, check out the following videos: