Sure, I know, Amazon Web Services (AWS) works just fine. It is a reliable platform for hosting your WordPress website. They have exceptional customer service, and they are excellently fast and secure for big websites. WP Engine, on the other hand, is the best for small and medium-sized websites. In this article, we will compare the two WordPress site hosting solutions based on various metrics, including the hosting plan, features, uptime and reliability, and support.

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Hosting Plan

The hosting plan is an essential element to consider when choosing the right hosting solution for your website since it must fit within your budget. If you own a small website, WP Engine is undoubtedly the best for you as they have a low price tag for small sites. But if your website increases its levels of traffic, AWS is the best if you want to save money as you only pay per use.


Features can also assist you in determining the best choice for your website depending on what you require. Both these hosting solutions offer premium WordPress website hosting features like security, backups, data restoration, and storage. However, WP Engine certainly has more security and metric features than those of AWS.

Uptime and Reliability

Amazon Web Services guarantees 99.99% uptime and provides durable infrastructure for data storage. The solution offers secure storage since it supports SSL data transfer and automated encryption of uploaded data.WP Engine, on the other hand, guarantees a 99.95 uptime guarantee. It compensates 5% of the client’s cost for each hour of downtime undergone. Their servers get automatic scans for viruses and hacks. Backups are taken automatically daily, and they are kept for two months.


AWS has excellent client support that is offered for all accounts, and it includes 24/7 customer service, self-help resource center, access to support conferences, FAQs, and tech support. They also have architecture support for their most expensive packages.

WP Engine, on the other hand, offers 24/7 support via tickets, live chat, and phone. The ticket system at their website is password protected to avoid information breach and the support team replies within a short time. Their website also provides a knowledge base for self-support.

By comparing all the features outlined in this article, we can certainly conclude that WP Engine hosting solution is our recommendation.