It is important to make the right choice for you when selecting a hosting system. In this particular article, we will compare Cloudways vs WP Engine. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The following will compare all the major components that differentiate one from another: For our final conclusion, see the end of this article.

Your Support Team

People who put together and run websites know that when something goes wrong, it can mean loss of money. That’s why both of these hosts allow you to contact them 24/7. This is a major advantage for both platforms.

Back up’s

Both of these systems offer automated back up’s. With WP Engine, the back-up’s happen each day. Cloudways also offers what they call managed back up’s. These hosts both seem to offer compatible services in this area.

Compatibility with Word Press

Word Press is a universally known platform. Both Cloudways and WP Engine allow for you to use Word Press seamlessly. WP Engine also will handle the updates that are constantly being added to Word Press. Unfortunately, with Cloudways, you are looking at a little bit of downtime for this to occur.

Activity Log

With WP Engine, they make a log of everything that you’ve done automatically. Cloudways does this as well, but only if you install the WP plug-in first. So with Cloudways, a little bit of know how is required first in order to get your logs.

Customer Feedback

Both of these hosts are considered industry leaders. They are considered particularly adept in managing Word Press hosting.

Levels of Management in Cloud Hosting

In terms of cloud hosting, this is where the two diverge. Cloudways is managed Word Press hosting. Conversely, WP Engine is fully managed WP hosting. If you want a host that manages everything, then you should go with WP Engine. This means that your server is taken care of as well as WP. With Cloudways, you are simply getting management of your server.


Because Cloudways takes so much time and management for WordPress, it is not recommended for most people. WP Engine offers a seamless managed WordPress experience that has tons of features that are super easy to use. We highly recommend WP Engine over Cloudways because of this. Personally, my experience with Cloudways caused me to switch.