Hosting is a major decision. It involves trusting a certain company to handle your website. The following article is a comparison of Pagely vs WP Engine in terms of their offerings as hosting companies:


You probably want to know what the two of these have in common so you don’t have to start a chart. Both offer Git integration and SSH gateway. Surprisingly, this is where the similarities end.

Level of Support

While WP Engine offers 24/7 support that is year round, this is not a feature that Pagely offers. They only offer live chat 8-5 PM Pacific Standard Time on Monday to Friday. They also have a private Slack channel that operates during the same hours.

Time Until Site is Up and Running

Pagely takes three to five business days to set up whereas WP Engine has you going in minutes. If you don’t have time to spare, then you certainly need to pick WP Engine.


is recommended for their site and support by several major players. Pagely does not have this same reputation in the industry. On the G2 Crowd site, they state that Pagely has a customer satisfaction rate of 78 per cent. WP Engine, on the other hand, has a score of 98 per cent.


Additionally, Pagely costs a substantial amount more than WP Engine. Pagely will put you back $299 per month, but WP Engine only is $35 a month.


The choice is clear here- Pagely is not the host to employ. You will want to have WP Engine, which is cheaper and offers you much more bang for your buck.