WP Engine is well liked and respected in the hosting sector. This is mainly because they are pioneers in the sector, and they revolutionized the standards of traditional shared hosting. WP Engine is ideal for people looking to self-host a low traffic site. Be that as it may, WP Engine is not the only service provider in town. Pantheon has also made a name for itself in this cut throat industry. In this article titled, Pantheon v WP Engine, I will be comparing and contrasting this two service providers. The goal is to establish which of the two the best is.

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This engine has been recommended to professional developers who are responsible for important websites. These kinds of websites require: round the clock support systems, dedicated and reliable high performance infrastructure, and proactive security measures. In terms of ensuring customer satisfaction, Pantheon boasts a support staff that is littered with WordPress experts. These experts work towards ensuring the system runs smoothly round the clock.

WordPress sites on Pantheon are fast, secure and do not share resources with other sites. This is because Pantheon utilizes the google cloud platform. Additionally, Pantheon’s pricing is quite competitive. It is based on the value your site offers your company. Payment plans are, therefore, tiered to your sites monthly visits.

WP Engine

While WP Engine faces stiff competition from other hosting companies, it is still a market leader in the industry. It offers its clients cutting edge features and state-of-the –art services. The hosting industry has become quite confusing due to the growth of website builders and self-hosted WordPress. Those who have used WP Engine can attest to the fact that it has: the best customer service, super-fast speeds, and powerful security systems.
Where there are speed concerns WP Engine customer care takes care of that immediately. This because they utilize customized servers that have extremely aggressive caching and advanced stack compared to other web hosts. Their well-trained experts are always ready to get into your WordPress in order to rectify any choke point that may slow you down.

In terms of pricing, clients pay for enhanced performance and the peace of mind that they will not have speed, maintenance and security issues. It is, indeed, a pricey option, but one that guarantees your money’s worth.


After careful consideration, I strongly feel that the best option here is WP Engine. As a market leader it is duty bound to provide the best services and a solid products. Additionally, it offers more features apart from WordPress hosting. Their set of features is unparalleled especially for website developers and high traffic sites that need not to worry about hosting matters.