Are you struggling to select between Wp Engine and Presidium to host your WordPress website? Both are excellent for hosting WordPress websites and have similar price margins, so it can be challenging to determine the best choice for you.

See our final decision on the best one below.

To assist you in making the right choice, we will compare presidium vs Wp engine based on fundamental metrics, including the features, performance, uptime, cost, and support.


Features are an essential metric when comparing managed hosting companies since you will be paying for the web hosting services they offer. Both Presidium and WP Engine offer several essential features, and each of them assists in protecting, managing, and optimizing your website. However, WP Engine has a slight edge here since it contains extra security solutions, developer options, and analytics features.


Providing several features is essential – but the features mean nothing if your website runs slowly. Luckily, both WP Engine and Presidium do a lot in optimizing your website and ensuring that it manages high amounts of traffic. For instance, both the hosting providers will provide access to a Content Delivery Network and options for scaling performance. The winner here is WP Engine as studies show that it consistently loads using under 1.5 seconds.


If you want to choose the right WordPress hosting provider, it is essential that you monitor the uptime of the hosts. Recent uptime information for both sites is above 99.9%. So, you will not go awry with either when considering the uptime.


In a perfect world, the cost would not be an issue. In reality, whatever hosting company you select has to fit into your budget. Presidium plans are targeted towards the business market, and they cost higher when compared to those of WP Engine. WP Engine certainly provides premium value for your money.


Both WP Engine and Presidium offer 24/7 support through various channels, including emails and a live chat option. Additionally, they both have experts in WordPress websites who can assist in specific WordPress related issues.

Overall, I would recommend WP Engine over Presidium – thanks to its excellent scalability, support, and set of features.

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