When it comes to hosting companies, you might be surprised by how their services vary. Whether it’s price, automated updates, or data back up, the offerings vary from host to host. Today, we will analyze Pressable vs WP Engine. Ultimately, we will provide you with a conclusion regarding what we recommend based on the following set of comparisons:

See our final conclusion below.


Sometimes it helps to first confirm where two services are actually the same in what they offer. Both Pressable and WP Engine have easy to use control panels, automatic updates, and have free Let’s Encrypt SSL. But here the two systems diverge. Pressable doesn’t even give you free SSL.


There are some things that WP Engine offers that Pressable simply does not. WP Engine offers set up, data back up, Word Press development, website staging, customer support, refunds and threat detection. Conversely, Pressable presents options that are not available with WP Engine. Pressable has their own servers and is cheaper than WP Engine. In general, all of Pressable’s plans are more cost effective than WP Engine.

Conclusion and a Final Thought

This is a bit of a tough decision in terms of who to recommend. The ultimate gold standard here will be who is an industry leader. In terms of a cloud host, WP Engine is one of the top two, if not the top host company. This means that WP will give you unparalleled full management of both your server, as well as your Word Press.

Pressable offers managed Word Press hosting. This means that Pressable will just take care of the technical aspects of Word Press. You will have to worry if something goes wrong with the server.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to save a few dollars with Pressable or get the full service that WP Engline has to offer. We would definitely recommend the latter for peace of mind.